Track Multiple Accounts, Reduce 50% Time In Generating Reports Using Single Too!

The Company And Its Problem

A leading SEO agency has 80+ iconic brands onboarded that serve 100 million online visitors every month altogether. The agency works with all the category brands such as Travel, Games, Food, etc., where they are responsible for leading, developing, and integrating SEO and content strategies for all the brands. So, the agency’s content development effort is very vast, diversified, and complex, therefore coordinating SEO efforts is extremely difficult as they have a lot of clients on-boarded with them across category. Now, the agency is facing difficulty in maintaining so many accounts at one place and unable to on-board new clients.


The Solution

The adopted strategy was to identify a marketing intelligence tool which will keep a track of all the accounts at one place and can help them manage multiple accounts easily. Rank Drive fit their requirements perfectly and it helped them in managing multiple accounts at one place by providing multiple account management solutions, dedicated account manager, online video tutorials, training sessions, 24*7 service etc.


The Result

After subscribing to Rank Drive, they could manage 80 different accounts at one place and reduce the average account handling time by 20%. Also, with Rank drive tracking dashboards, and setting up email daily reports for team members and executives made their job easier as they could generate reports for all the accounts individually at any point of time. Nearly 50% reduction in time was taken to generate a customized report for their clients.