Optimized CT Rate & Increased Revenue By 50%

About The Client And Its Problem

This Client is an online service aggregator. Considering the competitive market segment, the client needed to expand its marketing efforts to stay at the top. The client had not run any paid ads campaigns before and was not very sure about how to start and generate results without depending on any external agency. The major challenge from the start was to gain qualified traffic and to convert visitors to customers.


The Solution

The first step to running paid ads is finding the right, converting keywords. While trying several available solutions in the market, they found RankDrive’s data to be the most helpful.

Rank Drive was able to give them the comprehensive list of keywords and recommend a budget for each of the keywords


The Result

Analyzing the insights generated from Rank Drive, they were able to generate a comprehensive list of keywords with the associated budget estimates. They found the exact set of timings and demographics (Geography Targeting, Day Parting) that helped them convert their visitors. Also, using Rank Drive tracking and reporting features, they constantly reviewed ad performance by individual keyword, tested landing pages and managed to checked daily patters to make the required adjustments.

Based on a wide variety of generic and competitive keywords, they consistently achieved the clickthrough rate of 2-3% and a 40% increase in conversions on the website. Within a month, they were able to generate more than 60 sales a day.