Increase In Traffic/ Monthly Unique Visitor By 1 Mil to 3 Mil

About The Client

The client is a leading fashion blog with monthly unique visitor of 1 million & majority of its traffic comes from organic searches. Of late, the website was losing traffic consistently, thereby there was a 40% dip in their revenue as well over last 3 months. Despite hiring a SEO team to give recommendations, they were losing the traffic consistently.


The Problem

The major challenge that the company was facing was difficulty in identifying which keywords are generating traffic and the reason for losing traffic in the last three months. Also, they were unable to keep track of how their competitors are performing with respect to search traffic.


The Solution

The adopted strategy was to identify a marketing intelligence tool which will keep a track of rankings of the keyword along with how the competitors are doing and also give actionable insights. Rank Drive fit their requirements perfectly by helping them identifying the keywords which have a higher Search Volume and also help them look at competitor rankings. Based on the insights there were 500 keywords which contributed in majority of the search traffic, the client was not ranking in the first three positions. Rank Drive helped them identify these keywords and after optimization, the client was able to gain the rankings from its competitors. Further, they discovered that there were 1000 long tail keywords which could directly impact the overall traffic onto the site. Also, they could find 300 keywords which did not have any competitors and had a search volume over 3000.


The Result

After performing the required actions, they Ranked #1 for 435 top performing keywords, increased CTR by 40 % and thereby increase in site traffic to 3 million monthly unique visitors. Further, with Rank drive tracking dashboards and set up email daily reports for team members and executives made their job easier.