SEO Guide Introduction

by admin June 23, 2020

Ideate . Create . Optimize 

SEO is not very different from traditional marketing. What differs is the way these marketing ideas are executed. It’s just bringing up your product in front of the right person when they need it. There are ways in which you can also keep the customer revisiting, and use insights to improve your online business. Having a good SEO rank is like having a strong reputation online. SEO when done right, not only increases your website traffic, but also leads to higher conversions. So let’s see what it is all about.  

Rank higher with your online business with this step-by-step SEO Guide. 

Why do some websites show up at the top when you perform a Google Search and other websites are pages away? Is it the content, design, coding, or something else?  

It is actually all of that and a lot more! As you progress in this guide you will learn about all the optimization techniques, and also how to implement them for your website. At the same time you will get an understanding of which tools to use and how to measure the insights you obtain from them.  

SEO when understood well is nothing but exciting, interesting and can be a great career option for you if you are starting out in the industry. This guide is also suitable for business owners who do not have much SEO help, writers and other digital marketing professionals who need to serve their own company’s websites or clients. Lastly, this guide is a great resource for SEO experts who are looking to brush up skills, learn about what’s new in SEO, or just dive deep in a particular topic. Everybody else is most welcome! 

SEO is for everything and everyone online. 

SEO takes into account all aspects of your offline business. The more detailed and specific you get, the better it is. If you thought SEO was only about meta descriptions and titles, you need to think again. Contradictorily, there’s way more that you can explore, a bunch of channels that you can optimise your business for, and tons of A/B tests that you can implement.  

An SEO strategy is different for every business even though they sell the same products or offer similar services. Factors like location, reviews, ease of using the website, and your interaction with your audience all matters for success in SEO.  

As you move ahead in the course, you will learn about each topic in detail. We have broken down the steps in a way that you can start using them right away. And we also have a place for more discussions. Feel free to comment on any of our blogs to get questions clarified, discuss a topic and so on. By the end of the guide, you will develop an SEO mindset that you can practically implement for your projects. You will also get to test your knowledge through exercises and quizzes along the way.  

We recommend you to go through the contents in the given order. However, if you already have an overview and are looking to study a certain topic in detail,  you could also directly jump to that section from the given links.  


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