Reduce SEM Cost By 40% & Increase The Ad Revenue By 30%

About The Client

The client is a leading online Fitness player with a traffic of 2 million unique visitors per month. Their primary user base is in urban areas, including women in the age group of 18-30 and men in the age group of 20-35. Based on this user demographics, the client was spending $10,000/ month to get more sign ups. Unfortunately, the key words he chose were not converting and they were looking for a solution to optimize their Ads spend.

The Problem

The major challenge was that the chosen keywords were generic, and their CPC was high. Also targeting & user segmentations were difficult due to the keywords picked. The CTR on the Ads were lower than the industry standards.

The Solution

The adopted strategy was to figure out the top performing keywords & optimal budgets for each of the campaigns. With the help of Rank Drive, previous campaigns were analyzed thoroughly and found the most profitable keywords along with the frequency on when to place these ads (Time Slots). It helped the client create separate campaigns and utilize their budget efficiently. And, they could make a better copy of the Ads. The client also increased organic search traffic based on the insights on keywords and top pages.

The Result

Once he implemented the Paid marketing strategies found with the help of Rank Drive, there was 20% jump on the unique visitors, increase in the CTR by 10%, increase in the Subscription by 15% and a 40% dip in the Ad cost (CPC). Moreover, it helped them increase the Paid Ads revenue by 30%.